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Pate with a high percentage of shellfish (65%), applying spider crab meat and a selection of other crustaceans and mollusks, which are part of the spider crab diet.

With an intense crab flavor, this pate is a consumer favorite. The elaboration requires a careful selection and cleaning by hand.


Serving suggestion: ideal as an appetizer on bread or toast, also as a condiment for fish and seafood dishes


Ingredients: 65% Seafood (Shrimp, Mussel, Spider Crab, Prawn, Cockles, Clam), Fine Sauce, Dried Legumes, Aromatic Herbs


Can of easy opening. Net weight, 80g. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

Spider crab pate

SKU: 8437017490012
  • Paté de Centollo

    Lista de Ingredientes:

    Mariscos 65% (mejillón, camarón, gamba,centollo, almeja, berberecho MOLUSCOS Y CRUSTACEOS) Salsa Fina (agua, aceite de soja, vinagre de vino, almidon de TRIGO, yema de HUEVO, azúcar, sal, glucosa, almidón de maiz, espesantes (goma de garrofin, goma guar) conservante (acido sorvico) colorante (carrotenos) alubias y laurel

    Declaración de Alergenos:

    Moluscos, Crustaceos y Huevo

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