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Shipping and returns policy







–We ask for patience if we do not meet the indicated deadlines, although we do everything possible, given the current circumstances–



The transport of the articles purchased in and that the User has selected as a home delivery method, will be carried out through an external courier company.


The cost of delivery will be the one indicated by Osubmarino on the website at the time the User has entered the data when sending their order and selected the delivery method. Leaving aside this rule that takes precedence over any other indication of shipping costs for Frinsa online orders, the general shipping costs (including taxes) are:

  • Home delivery:

    1. Peninsula: € 7.00

    2. Balearic Islands: € 10.00

    3. Continental Portugal: € 12.00

    4. Canary Islands: € 15.00

    5. Germany and France: € 20.00

    6. Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland: € 25.00

    7. Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia: € 30.00

The shipping cost may be free as long as it appears as such as indicated by Osubmarino on the website at the same time as payment is made, after the User has filled in the delivery address data and the delivery method. However, and leaving aside temporary promotions or advantages to certain Users that Osubmarino may establish on the website regarding shipping costs, these may be free as a general rule if the order amount exceeds the following amounts (including taxes and considering only the amount of the products that have been added to the shopping cart with the applicable discounts):

  • Free shipping costs for home delivery:

    1. Peninsula: € 100

    2. Balearic Islands: € 200

    3. Continental Portugal: € 250

    4. Canary Islands: € 300

    5. Germany and France: € 450

    6. Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland: € 600

    7. Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia: € 750



General delivery times will be a maximum of 3 working days for shipments to the peninsula or between 4-5 days for the rest. These terms may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each order, such as the availability of the chosen product or the shipping area. Likewise, in exceptional circumstances, said period could be altered by extraordinary incidents in the carrier or by difficulties in the delivery of the merchandise. In these cases, the delivery time can be up to 7 working days.

To avoid incidents in the delivery (wrong addresses, inability to find someone at home, etc.), it is essential to correctly fill in the corresponding form, and it is mandatory to fill in the box relating to contact numbers.

The liability of osubmarino alta conser sl is limited in cases of force majeure (strikes, adverse weather events that prevent normal traffic by land, sea or air, ...). In these cases, the orders will be delivered as soon as possible, and the terms indicated above will not apply.

Delivery times depend on the time of order management and shipping, and may vary depending on the distribution network provided by the transport agencies in each region. At the time of delivery, the Customer must not make any payment.

The delivery times of an order vary for each sale, although, under normal conditions, the minimum delivery time of an order placed through before 2:00 p.m. will be 1 day and the maximum 7 days, depending on the type or class of product and the place of delivery.

Osubmarino offers the User the possibility of registering at, registering their identification and shipping data to streamline the process in subsequent purchases by simply identifying themselves and selecting one of the several shipping addresses that can be stored, modified, deleted or entered. new.

Osubmarino alta conservancy does not assume any responsibility for the consequences of possible delays in shipping.

Our carriers try to deliver up to 2 times to the address provided by the customer, during business hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is the customer's responsibility to be present at the delivery address provided during their purchase at

If the recipient is not located in the place indicated in the order, the transport agency leaves a notice with a telephone number so that it can specify the exact date, time and place of the second delivery attempt and, failing that, it will be will be done the next business day. If after this delivery is not achieved, the carrier will return the package to its origin, and Osubmarino will refund the amount of the order, deducting the costs associated with the return.




Within fourteen days after receiving the order, the User can return it in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract that apply to this website.

Returns can have two reasons with their respective effects:

  • Mere withdrawal without justified reason by the User of the product or products purchased, in which case the return costs are paid by the customer.

  • Defective, in poor condition or wrongly shipped products. In this case the return and / or replacement costs will be borne by Osubmarino.

In any case, except in the case of poor condition of the products, only closed products with the opening system intact and in their original packaging can be returned, unless they are defective due to some type of damage during shipping, together with a copy of the proof of purchase and the delivery note of the products inside the package, where the returned products and the reason for the return are also marked.



  1. Send us an email to to inform us of your request and reasons for return and we will give you the appropriate instructions.

  2. You must return the products that are still closed in their can by sending them directly to osubmarino alta conser Rua Cocheras 6, A Lama, Pontevedra Cp 36839, without any delay, at the latest within 7 calendar days from the date on the one that communicates the withdrawal or requesting Osubmarino direct collection at the address indicated by the User, depending on what they jointly agree on.

  3. Once the products are received, the corresponding amount will be returned in each case.

  4. If you have any questions about the return process, please contact us through the contact email or by calling Customer Service 666 868 932.


In the event that the User detects a product in poor condition after opening it, he or she must start the return process indicated above without opening more units of the same product, so that the remaining products will be returned and when the circumstance indicated by the User is resolved, proceed to the refund of the amount of all the units returned and the open one.

The User will not be entitled to a refund of the price of returned products that are not in the same conditions in which they were delivered or the requirements established in the General Contract Conditions have not been met.

Osubmarino will manage the price refund order through the same payment system used by the User to purchase the products.

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